Friday, March 13, 2009

Mop C curl defining cream

I chose Mop C next in my curl cream theme and I'm glad I did as the reviews I got were really mixed. I think it's important that curlies realize that not every product will work for them. A lot is about your hair type and what you are looking for in a product.

First up is DEL2C who recommended Mop C to me in the first place:

It's very versatile and you can mix any LI with it or another moisturizing curl cream like Curls Whipped cream or Komaza and still get great results. For my hair I like layering on top of the other for better product distribution. I'm very coarse so my hair requires a lot of product to keep it hydrated and to give it hold. I like to use BRHG on top for added hold, I get 2-3 days using Mop so I really love it this Winter! I've also used MOP-C with my Deva Routine and it works great too with ArcAngel.

Next is kathymack and she thought I wouldn't want to include her review but quite the contrary:

MOP C Curl Defining Creme. When I used it, the product was just being reissued from it's prior life as MOP C Curl Enhancing Creme--either way, I found the name to be an oxymoron. They reissued the product with a new name in a new container--but my understanding was that it was the same product??? About this time last year, MOP C was the "it" product. When Jess asked about writing the review, she questioned whether I got 2nd, 3rd or even 4th day hair?? I don't even remember getting first day hair with this product. I auditioned it a few times--and to tell you the truth, it wasn't memorable. All I remember is being disappointed. Everyone loved it. And I couldn't get a curl! The only product I still use from last Spring is KCCC. I started using it in April and it still has a place on the shelf. There were lots of other products I used, for a while they had a place on the shelf--MOP C was not one of them.
amy51373 also agreed to a little review:

I'm not sure I'll be much help since I quit using it quite a while ago and it was at the beginning of my NC days so I was still really trying to figure stuff out. What I do remember was that it was really thick and creamy but I think it also weighed me down a bit. I also used it in the summer so it may have been too rich for use then. I would however use it again in the winter months to see how it works again. The smell was kind of an orange smell and didn't linger.

And last but not least my humble opinion:

I really like Mop C on days that I am feeling lazy. I generally don't get 2nd day hair anyway so I can use the Mop C alone over my leave-in and have great hair all day. For me adding BRHG or even AnGell over it makes my hair feel too stiff, even after I scrunch out the crunch, but I like a lot less hold than most. It gives me great clumps and curls though. Immediately when I start scrunching it in my hair starts to curl up in big ringlet clumps. It is very thick and creamy and a little hard to distribute evenly but I don't care, the hair it gives me is so worth it. And it doesn't take a million years to dry like KCCC. It is definitely staying in my rotation.


  1. This is great Jess. I dont think Im going to get this product though as we know I just recently fell in love with gel, and im trying to avoid the creamy products as they even before CG never gave me second day hair. Again an amazing post.

  2. I am liking Mop C more now that I combine it with a bit of condish (I have combined it with lustrasilk with fantastic results). Now when I tried this alone last spring/summer it did not work so well so we will see if this works this spring/summer by combining it.

  3. I've been using This product for a few years and I love it. You're right that it is a little thick, but I just wet my hands before dispensing and then rub it all together and it goes on easily. I have never found a product to give me 2nd day hair consistently (I think that has more do do with my hair than with the products), but this does better than anything else I've used. It does not way my hair down at all. It works best when I use it with C-curl shampoo and conditioner, but It still works great with whatever else I'm using too. I definitely recommend it.