Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Komaza Coconut Hair Pudding

It took me a some time to decide what to "joint review" first since I have so many that I like (and some that I don't) but I finally settled on the Komaza Coconut Hair Pudding as I have been having great success with it. I asked some curlies from CurlTalk to review it for me and kathymack and DEL2C both agreed. They even got their reviews in quicker than I asked. I was originally going to write this on Thursday but they were so speedy I couldn't wait.

Here's what kathymack had to say:

I first learned about the Komaza Coconut Pudding when a nice curly sent me some as an extra little something in a swap. It taught me to "look gift horses in the mouth." My hair is infamous for it's issues with castor oil and this reinforced that. It ruined my hair for about ten days--I had such difficulty removing it. That being said, I was delighted when DEL2C announced that it was being reformulated without the castor oil. I emailed the Komaza site to make sure that I would get a new one without the castor oil. They were out of the old formula and the new formula was delayed a few days, so I got a personal phone call from Renee, I think, who is the owner. She's so sweet and soft spoken, I didn't catch the name--but I know it had to be her. We actually talked about hair and hair products for about 20 minutes! She wanted to know how I knew so much about the products, so I told her about nc.com. Unfortunately, she's so busy with her products, she hadn't been on the site and didn't know her coconut pudding was a "rage product." Her products are developed for "coils," so she was also surprised that so many of the looser curled ladies were having success with them.

On to the purpose of this article. I am remiss in the fact that I've only used the Coconut Curl Pudding a few times because I got my sample pack of the Califa line at the same time. With any of the Komaza products, we fine haired, looser curled ladies have to be careful. They are rich and it's easy to over use. (Less so with the Coconut Pudding) I always use a less rich leave in when I use the CCP, a few pea sized amounts of the pudding and in the low dewpoint weather a bit of gel. This morning, I used the Califa Conditioner as my rinse out, ABBA Pure Gentle Conditioner as my leave in and one of my favorite combos--a small amount of CJ Aloe Fix Gel with AOMM. My hair technique is consistent everyday--the "mysteryflavored" (of nc.com fame) KCCC styling video technique with product raking in addition to the scrunching. I am anxiously awaiting a haircut tomorrow (two weeks overdue.) Today my hair is in tight, soft, bouncy, frizz free ringlets--as we speak. It's about 95% dry and needs to be scrunched. But I can tell--it's going to be a great curl day!I love the smell and feel of this product. When I open the jar, the bathroom smells like a Mounds bar! As I emulsify it in my hands, it's smooth and rich. When I use these richer products this winter, I've noticed that I have the softest palms ever! I think this is a product that anyone who's had success with richer products might want to try. It's a quality line.

Next up is DEL2C who is as much of a PJ as I am:

Well, I haven't used komaza puddin' in a while cuz I was on a mission for 2nd day hair and couldnt get it using it. My little girls hair looks amazing with it and it's all I use for her this winter!! I found the best way to apply it was using the Curlisto method by sectioning off the hair and using dabs at a time rather than scrunching it all in. I probably only used about a 1/2 dollar size total by the time it was done. After applying by section I would top it with a pea size of BRHG and that was when I got the best results. I love the smell of and the texture is creamy but not heavy almost like a heavy gel?? Great stuff. I will revisit it again with my R2D2 dryer and report back on results and 2nd day hair.

And now for my review:

Let me start by saying I absolutely LOVE this stuff. It smells amazing like kathymack said. In fact I was told today that my hair smelled great, like coconuts. It feels like a creamy gel, like someone mixed KCCC and CJ coffee coco curl creme together, and is a little heavy but doesn't weigh your hair down at all. In fact it is the opposite for me. I am getting well defined, clumpy waves with some big ringlets at the bottom. There are pics in my fotki but they don't even do it justice. I have been using Suave Naturals Coconut condish with a dab of agave nectar (I live in CA and have generally higher dewpoints so I can take a little humectant) as my leave-in and then I scrunch in the Komaza pudding. I do it in four sections with my head upside down, using about a nickle per section, emulsifying it in my hands before scrunching it in. I top it off with BRHG, clip, diffuse, and get great results every time. It also seems like the BRHG is not as crunchy with the Komaza pudding as it is with every other curl cream I've tried. Today I didn't have time to diffuse at all so I knew I wasn't going to get as much curl pattern as diffusing really helps me but I still have great definition and I'm practically frizz-free. The only thing I could say that's bad about the pudding, and it's not really that bad, is that my hair isn't as shiny as it is when I use KCCC or my homemade FSG. So to repeat myself, I LOVE this stuff and I'm excited to try some more Komaza products.

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  1. Im not so sure you've talked me into getting this, but im definetly getting the comb. I like shine, and I would only be able to use it if I made sure mine didnt have the castor oil as my hair hates oil. I may get a sample though just to see if I like it.