Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose conditioner

I LOVE conditioner. I have six different kinds in my shower and three more in my cabinet. I'm crazy, I know. I picked this conditioner because it is the newest in my rotation of conditioners and I wanted to know why it was so talked about and what my trusted other PJs had to say. They, as always, gave me some great info.

mrl234 replied first:
"I've used AOHR. First of all, the smell is incredibly sweet, strong, and floral, and it DOES linger, so beware of that if you don't like strong scents. Secondly, while it is moisturizing if your hair likes a lot of different oils at once, my got kind of crunchy after I used it a few times. I don't think it has the best slip either, and if I used a leave-in at all I got over conditioned (though without one, my hair won't behave right). Overall, this one wasn't a favorite of mine, but I think for coarser hair types it might work better."

DEL2C was next and she kept it short and simple:
AOHR- HORRIBLE HORRIBLE for my hair too many oils left me feeling very coated and I got build up right away. It's SO THICK ICK! NEVER again!"

Laura Lee:
"I picked this up as a heavy conditioner to use as a deep treatment originally. Then, when all that talk about dew points hit CurlTalk, I decided maybe I should work it in as a glycerin-free winter conditioner.

I only used it as a deep treatment once. I didn't find it particularly beneficial. Honestly it was worth the smell.

The smell is very strong to my nose, and I'm not scent-sensitive (try saying that 5 times fast!). It smells much more like the honeysuckle than the rose. I'd classify it as a very heavy, earthy scent. At first, I thought it smelled awful. I will admit, as I've used it, I've become used to it and it doesn't smell so revolting to me now.

It's thick. Very thick. Thick enough to the point where it's tricky to get it out of the bottle sometimes, especially when you're getting toward the end of the bottle. You could put some in your palm, turn your hand so the conditioner is facing the floor, and it wouldn't fall off. It's very thick. Did I mention it's thick?

The slip it ok. It's nothing compared to LVPNG.

" I used it, it was good--there were others whose smell I prefer. At this point, I have Island Naturals and GBP (not sure of the order) in my shower. I find either as good as AOHR."

Curlyjenn10 was excited because she could finally review!:
AOHR: This is a great conditioner if you need moisture. This is probably the number one product that helped me get over my protein issues. I used it as both a DT and rinse-out with great success. It's pretty thick and I don't remember it having a lot of slip (that could just be me though!). The smell isn't great, but it's not bad either. I didn't repurchase it after using it in September because I didn't think it was close enough to a HG product for me to stop experimenting (that and I'm a total PJ!). I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs some moisture in their routine."

"This is my all time favorite conditioner for anything. I've used it as a DT, regular condish, mini DT in the shower. It always works great no matter what. I don't use it daily because I get over conditioned easily but I do sometimes mix it with a lighter condish. It's my favorite for de-tangling after I cassia and most times will eliminate any protein overload that I can get. Seriously I know if I use the AOHR it's going to fix whatever dryness I have. I also love the smell, unlike some who think it's a bit too strong etc. But then again I love honeysuckle and I love rose smell so I'm probably in the minority there. Overall it's my favorite to use in a whole lot of different ways."

My turn:
I picked this conditioner to review first because I was still on the fence about it. It is VERY thick and I have to use a ton of it to coat my long hair. The smell is really strong but I don't mind it at all. I love scents though. It gave me no slip and I love slip. It does still de-tangle well though which is the first thing I look for in a conditioner. Also the protein didn't bother me at all and I'm a little protein sensitive. Overall it was fine, I'll finish the bottle, but I don't think I'll buy it again. Maybe I'll try some other Aubrey Organics condish...still searching for a more natural one that I like and wont break the bank.

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