Monday, March 9, 2009

Mebco Shower Detangler Comb

My vision for this blog is to have my review on a product as well as others that have agreed to help me, that way you, the reader, have a good amount of info to use while deciding to try the product or not. Every one's hair is a little different and it's helpful to have multiple opinions. Thank you to everyone at CurlTalk for being supportive, whether that be by adding me to your blog list or agreeing to review or just encouraging me.

This first review is going to be just mine as it is a specific comb that I found in my local beauty supply and I have never seen this particular kind talked about on the boards. I stopped combing or brushing at all in Nov. '08. I thought it was going to be a disaster but it wasn't. Just finger combing in the shower was working great, although it took forever with my BSL wavy hair and, since I rarely get 2nd day hair, it was being done every day. BUT it was worth it. I was losing less hair and learning more about it, where it curled, trouble tangle spots. And then a few weeks ago it all changed. I was getting so many little tangles that were really hard to get out and when I would mess with them my clumps would go away. I suspected that's what was causing so much of my surface frizz so I posted the thread "To comb or not to comb" on CurlTalk to see what others did. A bunch of curlies comb so I decided to go buy a new one, as I had thrown all my old ones away, and went to my local beauty supply. The Mebco Shower Detangler immediately caught my eye and the reason it did was I use a smaller version on my daughter's straight hair and have ever since she was a toddler. It's amazing at getting out tangles. You might not be able to tell but the fingers on the comb aren't straight. They actually go out a little on each side alternating and are able to get at tangles with minimal pain which as you know is essential for anyone with a little girl with a sensitive head like my daughter. Why did I never think of using it on my hair? I used it the next day in the shower with lots of conditioner and lost tons of hair which made me pretty disappointed but I thought "Maybe that was all the tangled mess my fingers weren't getting?" That day my frizz was so much better so I figured I'd stick with it for a couple of days. The next day I lost a lot less hair than I had been losing while finger combing and it has stayed that way ever since. It takes less than half the time of finger combing and my frizz is more under control. I absolutely love this comb and highly recommend it, especially to wavies who tend to have more tangle problems.


  1. What a funky looking comb!

    Yea, I can switch between finger combing and using an actual comb, but for some reason I just feel better when I use the comb. I feel like it's just more thorough than finger combing, and I haven't experienced any breakage because of using a comb, so it's a good situation all around