Friday, March 27, 2009

Loreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss for medium to long hair that's curly/wavy

The title is so long because that is the only pink bottle Loreal conditioner that is CG. If you are purchasing it make sure it is for medium to long hair that's curly/wavy. With that being said this had to be on my list of reviews. It is one of the most popular conditioners on CurlTalk and one of the first I tried after giving up my Deva. Because it is generally easy to find, and pretty cheap as far as products go, it is a good conditioner for a newbie CGer to use.

First up to bat is DEL2C:
"This one NEVER fails me but it works better when I alternate it. Probably because of the little bit of protein in it. The results aren't BAD if I don't rotate it but I don't get the same effect and clumping when I over use it. LOVE it for nice slip, moisture and smells nice."

Laura Lee of The College Curly said:
"Because of it's thickness, a lot of curlies cannot use this regularly. I limit it to once a week, some can do two or three but I don't think I've heard of anyone using it every wash. If you can, man oh man is your hair dry! But most of us will need another conditioner or two to rotate with this one. So if you're looking to simplify and only have 1 HG conditioner, this isn't the one.

That being said though, it is very moisturizing. It really gives a good shot of moisture to counteract whatever dryness you may be experiencing from climate or stylers or diffusing or what have you. I recommend it for a couple times a week moisture intensive conditioner.

The best thing about LVPNG is the richness. It's super rich, especially for a $3 drugstore conditioner. If you're in doubt about the power of this conditioner, just check out the rave reviews on BotticelliBabe's thread that has like 20 pages to it.

The richness lends to amazing slip. If you're looking for slip, this is it. It doesn't get much slippier than this as far as I know.

It's a faint pink color. It smells a little chemically; definitely not what I would call natural. BUT it's not strong or lingering.

Another thing to either love (or be very wary of) is that there's some protein in this one. I love protein; can't get enough! So to me, protein in a condtioner I can use every day is fantastic. Of course, if you're sensitive, this would be something to be wary of.

It can be hard to find, depending on where you live. My suggestion is that if you find it, buy one bottle, rush home and use it, and if you like it, go back to the store as soon as your hair dries and stock up. I have 7 bottles stockpiled right now.

"I'm conflicted on this one. I first used it in December for a week or two. It smelled good, had great slip, was moisturizing, and was awesome at de-tangling. There is protein towards the end of the list and I am sensitive. It started to get to me at the end of the second week, so I stopped using it. The amount of protein is so small and I thought it would be perfect for a rinse-out every few months, since we all need protein at one point or another.

This past weekend, I decided it was time to try it again. I'm not entirely sure what went wrong, but my hair became seriously dry and tangled - it was a rat's nest! There are a few things that could have contributed to it, so I can't say for sure that it was LVPNG. I won't be finding out any time soon though - it's going back to the product graveyard."

Me, Me, Me:
I love and hate this conditioner. I bought it when I gave up OneC and didn't realize that I had a protein sensitivity. Well thank you LVPNG for making my hair a total disaster. Ugghh, recovering from that was a nightmare. That's when I really started reading though and learning about my hair and what it wanted and needed so again thank you LVPNG. Here's the good news. I love this condish in my rotation. I can use it once or twice a week (I'm an every day 'washer") with no problems. The slip and detangling properties are AMAZING. It smells good but doesn't linger and my hair feels so soft after I use it. It's definitely not an every time use condish but it is a great, cheap conditioner to have in your arsenal in my opinion.

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  1. i love your blog! it would be great to have some drugstore stylers reviewed!