Saturday, April 4, 2009

DevaCurl One Condition

Deva's OneCondition is a conditioner that is talked about on CurlTalk all the time but barely used because of the amodimethicone in it. Yes the a-cone is water soluble-ish but a lot of curlies found that the Deva OneCondition and AnGell build up after a while. In fact when I asked my team of PJs for reviews I only got reviews of OneC from two of them. Also keep in mind that Deva has announced that as of January, 2009 they have removed the a-cone from all their products so it's worth a try. I felt it deserved a place in my reviews since Deva was my introduction to CG and changed my hair life forever.

DEL 2C, you're up first:
Fabulous conditioner. I only use DEVA stuff together I just feel the product line works better that way. Fantastic moisture and slip and the smell is so nice and lingers for a while. LOVE my Deva!"

Kathymack said:
" I haven't used One C in about 18 months. About two years ago, my stylist turned me on to Deva Products. He sprayed my hair with Mister Right after cutting it--and it had some curl in February! My hair never curled in February. I did a web search and started using Deva LowPoo and One C. It worked well for about four or five months. I had to switch to other shampoo combinations every few weeks, but that's typical for my hair. When I went CG, I gave up One C because of the A-cone. It's not special enough, to me, that I would buy it now that it's reformulated. At least, I don't think so. There's too much else out there."

My two cents:
I really like this conditioner, I have from the beginning. It's not as de-tangling as some others I've tried but it does work and leaves my hair really soft. It smells sooo good, like lemon grass. When I was using it I was even ordering the 32oz pump bottle, that's how much I loved it. I agree with DEL2C, the Deva works better all together. I haven't even used OneC with any other products to be honest. When I went full CG I stopped using it and I admit I'm excited for the formula change because I have missed it and all my Deva products terribly. Although I have gotten much better results from other products I know that I wont have bad hair with them. New OneC, here I come!


  1. Hi Jess - love your blog! I have a question about your skin care routine, if you don't mind. How fine are you able to blend the oatmeal, dried goat's milk, and flax seeds? I blended my mix with a handheld mixer, but when it's wet it's still pretty chunky. Is that right? Or is yours a smooth mixture? Thank you!

  2. Hi Jess,

    Congrats, you're the Blended Beauty giveaway winner. Just browse through and pick 3 products you would like. Email me at with the 3 products you would like and your mailing address. Thanks, Girl with Curl

  3. Kristie I blend mine in my magic bullet blender but my mom uses her electric coffee grinder. I still have a little bit of chunks but I like it because it exfoliates my skin so well. I haven't used a hand mixer...don't own I couldn't compare. HTH.

    Girl with Curl I can't decide...I'll e-mail you as soon as I do. I'm sooooo excited!!!

  4. I want to edit my Review Jess and I think you feel the same way I do. The new formulation of Deva ONE-C is so different from the one I submitted for review. It doesn't have the same consistency, it's not as moisturizing and the scent that we loved so much is not as potent. I noticed more fly aways with the new formulation as well, I would not repurchase this product.

  5. I just started CG and am blogging about my experience. Thanks for your tips on products, I think they'll really come in handy in the next couple weeks. :)

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